Una década de música (2010-2019): las 100 mejores canciones

Termino mis resúmenes sobre la música de los últimos 10 años compartiendo las que considero sus mejores canciones. No son, de forma objetiva, las más importantes, ya que eso es algo que el tiempo tiene que encargase de juzgar. Tampoco son el resultado de buscar una representación justa y equilibrada de todos los géneros, que es algo que las listas consensuadas de los principales medios periodísticos deben tratar de conseguir. Es una lista completamente personal y libre, donde mis grupos de cabecera están lógicamente muy representados, sin atender a ninguna clase de paridad. Pero es innegable que todas estas canciones, con independencia del éxito que consiguieran o de su nivel de difusión, merecen todo mi agradecimiento, por existir, por formar una parte muy importante de mi vida. Espero que, una vez (re)escuchadas, también de la de todos ustedes. 

100 .- Two door cinema club “What you know” (2010)

In a few weeks I will get time
To realize it’s right before my eyes
And I can take it if it’s what I want to do  

99.- First Aid Kit “King of The World” (2012)

Now everyday there’s a short intermission
While I sleep they start dimming the lights
But I’ve seen everything I ever want to see
Screaming “Fire!” in a theater people taking their seats  

98.- Woods “Full Moon” (2014)

How are we supposed to move on?!
Shattered memory inside  

97.- Mittens “Deer Park Mirage” (2010)

We’re lucky

cause our tragedies

just make us laugh

96.- Arctic Monkeys “Science Fiction” (2017)

Religious iconography giving you the creeps?
I feel rougher than a disco lizard tongue along your cheek 

95.- Vampire Weekend “Step” (2013)

And punks who would laugh when they saw us together
Well, they didn’t know how to dress for the weather

94.- Foxygen “Star Power” (2014)

What are we good for if we can’t make it?  

93.- Kanye West “Monster” (2010)

Pull up in the monster
Automobile gangster
With a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka  

92.- King Tuff “Psycho Star” (2018)

The universe is mostly made of nothing
Isn’t it so beautifully bizarre
That here we are  

91.- Dirty Projectors “Gun has no trigger” (2012)

If you had looked, you’d be no one’s coward
Distance, justice, power 

90.- Susanne Sundfor ft. John Grant “Mountaneers” (2017)

And looking up at the heaven of fireflies
I can not help but marvel at the beauty before my eyes  

89.- Kasabian “Velocirraptor!” (2011)

He was hung up,
By the meaning of existence
You be let down  

88.- Klaus & Kinski – “El rey del mambo y la reina de Saba” (2010)

A la verbena te vengo a buscar
Lo que te traje te lo vengo a dar
Pena de traje que traje esta noche
Se acabará por manchar  

87.- Eels “Wonderful, glorious” (2013)

The sum of all your experiences
A living breathing result of the fight
And every night you spent shrouded in darkness
Has led you to this moment in the light, it’s alright  

86.- Bishop Allen “Good Talk” (2014)

And if you wanna tell me where it all went wrong
I already know, I already know
And it really doesn’t matter who’s the first or the last to go  

85.- Father John misty “Now I’m learning tol ove the war” (2012)

Try not to dwell so much upon
How it won’t be so very long from now that they laugh at us for selling
A bunch of 15 year olds made from dinosaur bones singing “oh yeah”  

84.- Anni B Sweet “Buen Viaje” (2019)

Sabes, me has convencido para bailar

pero estando triste no es igual

83.- Elbow “The Birds” (2011)

The birds are the keepers of our secret
As they saw us where we lay

82.- Rosalía “Bagdad”(2018)

De las luces
Sale un ángel que cayó
Tiene una marca en el alma
Pero ella no se la vio  

81.- Arctic Monkeys “Piledriver Waltz” (2011)

You look like you’ve been for breakfast
At the Heartbreak Hotel 

And sat in the back booth
By the pamphlets and the literature

On how to lose 

80.- MGMT “Siberian Breaks” (2010)

There’s no reason there’s no secrets to decode
If you can’t save it, leave it dying on the road 

79.- Antonia Font “Calgary 88” (2011)

Classificats per sa final de patinatge artístic,
no tot era físic ni mental, també era sentimental,
tu i jo festejàvem i representàvem a Espanya
a s’olimpíada d’hivern del Canadà.  

78.- Car Seat Headrest “The Ballad of Costa Concordia” (2016)

If only I could sustain my anger
Feel it grow stronger and stronger 

77.- M. Ward “Sweetheart” (2012)

Oh my love, take my hand,
We’ll go walking

76.- Rival Sons “Good things” (2014)

Good things will happen
Bad things will happen, too
Sometimes it’s someone down the road
Sometimes it’s somebody next to you  

75.- Nicolas Jaar “No” (2016)

Un día
De ventana abierta
Mi vecino vino a verme 

Estaba lleno de desilusión 

74.- Susanne Sundfor “Delirious” (2015)

I hope you got a safety net
‘Cause I’m gonna push you over the edge  

73.- Vampire Weekend “Jerusalem, New York, Berlin” (2019)

All I do is lose, but baby
All I want’s to win  

72.- Queens of the Stone age “Smooth sailing” (2013)

It’s all in motion
No stoppin’ now
I’ve got nothin’ to lose
And only one way up  

71.- Phosphorescent “Los Angeles” (2010)

The road is alive
With the trouble and fear 

Frozen and blind

That’s how they couple out here 

70.- Kasabian “Rewind” (2011)

Hit me!
I’m getting re-wired
I flip the switch that make you feel electric  

69.- Manel “Boomerang” (2010)

menjaven pipes amb arrogància, se’n fotien des del banc  

68.- Arcade Fire “Creature Comfort” (2017)

She told me she came so close
Filled up the bathtub and put on our first record  

67.- The Strokes “Under Cover of darkness” (2011)

I’ve been out around this town
Everybody’s singing the same song for ten years  

66.- St. Paul and the Broken Bones “Is it me” (2016)

Oh I feel like a cotton rose hiding down between my toes
Precious light how I seek I can’t believe what I see  

65.- Queens of the Stone Age “The Vampyre of time and memory” (2013)

Ain’t no confusion here, it is as I feared
The illusion that you feel is real  


64.- Father John Misty “Total Entertainment forever” (2017)

Bedding Taylor Swift
Every night inside the Oculus Rift
After mister and the missus finish dinner and the dishes

63.- Adele “Rolling in the Deep” (2011)

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark 

62.- Big Thief “Not” (2019)

It’s not the room
Not beginning
Not the crowd
Not winning
Not the planet
That’s spinning

61.- Temples “I wanna be your Mirror” (2017)

Meant to be, left in between
I wanna be your mirror endlessly  

60.- Nacho Vegas “Adolfo Suicide” (2014)

Y los muros al volverse blandos te nublan la razón
Y en tu mundo nunca hay gente a salvo y reina la confusión  

59.- Woods “New Light” (2014)

Those thoughts of you still escapes me
Burning right like we seek in summer
May we all sleep tonight  

58.- Car Seat Headrest “The Ending of Dramamine” (2014)

And in the sky, there is a place
Where it’s warm, and you’re there
And I’ve got the power now
Yeah, I know what to do
To make you feel something besides pain

57.- Kasabian “Goodbye Kiss” (2011)

Maybe the days we had are gone, living in silence for too long
Open your eyes and what do you see?  

56.- Lana del Rey “Mariners Apartment complex” (2019)

‘Cause even in the dark I feel your resistance
You can see my heart burning in the distance  

55.- The Decemberists “Philomena” (2015)

All I ever wanted in the world
Was just to live to see a naked girl
But I found I quickly bored,
I wanted more, I wanted more  

54.- Manel “Teresa Rampell” (2013)

A les teles interrompen uns minuts els videoclips 

53.- Alex Turner “It’s hard to geta round the wind” (2011)

And even when you know the way it’s gonna blow,
It’s hard to get around the wind.  

52.- Deerhunter “Memory Boy” (2010)

That October
He came over every day
The smell of loose leaf
Joints on jeans and we would play  


51.- Rosalía “Pienso en tu mirá”(2018)

Cuando sales por la puerta
Pienso que no vuelves nunca
Y si no te agarro fuerte
Siento que será mi culpa  

50.- Michael Kiwanuka “Love & Hate” (2016)

Standing now
Calling all the people here to see the show
Calling for my demons now to let me go 

49.- LCD Soundsystem “Emotional Haircut” (2017)

Oh, raise a glass to the bodies in here
We’re gonna toast till the bodies all soak up the bass  

48.- Kanye West “Gorgeous” (2010)

Ain’t no question if I want it, I need it
I can feel it slowly drifting away from me
I’m on the edge, so why you playing? I’m saying
I will never ever let you live this down, down, down 

47.- The Decemberists “Down by the Water” (2011)

So knock me down, tear me up
But I would bear it all broken just to fill my cup  

46.- The Black Keys “Gold on the ceiling” (2011)

Down in the waves
She screams again
Roar at the door
My mind can’t take much more  

45.- Paul Weller “No tears to cry” (2010)

If you don’t want to see me fall
Turn your face to the wall  

44.- Bon Iver “Perth” (2011)

So I’m ridding all your stories
What I know, what it is, it’s pouring, wire it up 


43.- The Decemberists “Make you better” (2015)

And all I wanted was a sliver to call mine
And all I wanted was a shimmer in your shine
To make me bright  

42.- Michael Kiwanuka “One more night” (2016)

One more night
One more night till the morning
One more night
One more night till the day  

41.- Fleet Foxes “Helplessness blues” (2011)

What’s my name, what’s my station? Oh, just tell me what I should do
I don’t need to be kind to the armies of night that would do such injustice to you  

40.- Vetusta Morla “Consejo de Sabios” (2017)

Sácame del corredor
Cuando caiga el santuario
Sácame de este fortín

Llévame en tu vuelo raso

39.- Houndmouth “Sedona” (2015)

Hey little Hollywood
You’re gone but you’re not forgot
You got the cash but your credit’s no good
You flipped the script, you shot the plot 

38.- Lucy Dacus “Night Shift” (2018)

You got a nine to five, so I’ll take the night shift
And I’ll never see you again if I can help it
In five years I hope the songs feel like covers
Dedicated to new lovers 

37.- The Decemberists “Calvary Captain” (2015)

I am the cavalry captain
I am the remedy to your heart
I am the carbon collected
I am the printed upon your stars

36.- El Columpio Asesino “Toro” (2011)

Maraca loca, piano ardiente
Nunca fuimos delicuentes
Gafas negras en la noche
Vamos niño, sube al coche  

35.- Beyoncé ft. Kendrick Lamar “Freedom” (2016)

I’ma wade, I’ma wave through the waters
Tell the tide, “Don’t move”
I’ma riot, I’ma riot through your borders
Call me bulletproof 

34.- MGMT “Me and Michael” (2018)

In every scene, it’s me and Michael
Imaginary bombs raining down from the clouds 

33.- Lorde “Green Light” (2017)

Those great whites, they have big teeth
Oh, they bite you
Thought you said that you would always be in love
But you’re not in love no more 

32.- Arctic Monkeys “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” (2018)

Jesus in the day spa
Filling out the information form
Mama got her hair done
Just popping out to sing a protest song  

31.- The Black Keys “Sister” (2011)

Did they take and try to break
A heart that long
It’s so wrong  

30.- The Decemberists “Lake Song” (2015)

And you sibylline, reclining in your cube
You tattered me, you tethered me to you
The things you would, the things you wouldn’t do
To tell the truth, I never had a clue  

29.- Tame Impala “Elephant” (2012)

Somebody grabbed his collar
He cried the whole way home
He won’t remember a thing ’til it starts again  

28.- Arcade Fire “Reflektor” (2013)

Trapped in a prism, in a prism of light
Alone in the darkness, darkness of white  

27.- Rosalía “Que no salga la luna” (2018)

¡Que bonita está mi novia que se parece un trono! 
Coroná de brillantes y es con perlas y oro  

26.- Arctic Monkeys “Do I wanna know?” (2013)

Simmer down and pucker up
I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly
on the cusp of trying  

25.- Arcade Fire “Modern Man” (2010)

I erase the number of the modern man
Want to break the mirror of the modern man  

24.- Junip “Line of fire” (2013)

Standing on higher ground
When you hear the sounds
You realize its just the wind  

23.- Vampire Weekend “Diane Young” (2013)

You torched a Saab like a pile of leaves
I’d gone to find some better wheels  

22.- fun. ft. Janelle Monae “We are Young” (2012)

My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State
My lover she’s waiting for me just across the bar
My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar  

21.- Queens of the Stone age “I sat by the ocean” (2013)

I sat by the ocean
And drank a potion, baby to erase you 

20.- Kanye West “POWER” (2010)

You short-minded niggas thoughts is Napoleon
My furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goldies in
Now I embody every characteristic of the egotistic  

19.- Phosphorescent “Nothing was stolen (love me foolishly)” (2010)

Well I wake in the morning and dress
Hang a charm of gold around my neck 

18.- Rosalía “Di mi nombre” (2018)

Y átame con tu cabello
A la esquina de tu cama
Que aunque el cabello se rompa
Haré ver que estoy atá 

17.- Arcade Fire “Suburban War” (2010)

But you started a war that we can’t win
We keep erasing all the streets we grew up in  

16.- John Grant “Marz” (2010)

Golden champagne juicy grapefruit lucky monday
High school footall hot fudge buffalo tulip sundae  

15- Lana del Rey “Venice Bitch” (2019)

Ice cream, ice queen
I dream in jeans and leather  

14.- Sallie Ford “Screw Up” (2017)

Trying to reguard myself
Trying to be in good health
But you know I screw up sometimes  

13.- Susanne Sundfor “Fade Away” (2015)

This is the kind of love that never goes out of style
‘Cause baby I know that you’ll always be waiting 

12.- The Black Keys “The Weight of love” (2014)

I used to think, darlin’, you never did nothin’
But you were always up to somethin’

Always had a run in  

11.- Michael Kiwanuka “Cold Little heart” (2016)

Did you ever notice
I’ve been ashamed
All my life
I’ve been playing games  

10.- Arctic Monkeys “Black Treacle” (2011)

And now I’m out of place and I’m not getting any wiser
I feel like the Sundance Kid behind a synthesizer 

9.- Lana del Rey “The Greatest” (2019)

Those nights were on fire
We couldn’t get higher
We didn’t know that we had it all  

8.- Arcade Fire “Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)” (2010)

Sometimes I wonder if the world’s so small
Then we can never get away from the sprawl  

7.- Vampire Weekend “Ya hey” (2013)

Through the fire and through the flames
You won’t even say your name
You say “I am what I am”  

6.- Calexico “Splitter” (2012)

When division runs deep and down into the well
All the coins you dove after lost all their spell 

5.- Dan Deacon “USA” (2012)

feel like i’m all flesh and no bone i’m not the shapes that i’m shown hope i get it right tomorrow 

4.- Rosalía “Malamente” (2018)

Ese cristalito roto
Yo sentí cómo crujía
Antes de caerse al suelo
Ya sabía que se rompía  

3.- Susanne Sundfor “Memorial” (2015)

‘Cause you took off my dress
And you never put it on again  

2.- The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” (2011)

So you pulled my heart out and I don’t mind bleedin’  

1.- Vampire Weekend “Unbelievers” (2013)

I’m not excited, but should I be?
Is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me? 

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